Why Are We Giving You 
'£8,713' Earrings For £19

For generations jewellers have made big profits by perpetuating the myth that diamonds are rare.
But, think about it! Think about the millions of carats of diamonds on display in jewellery stores all over the world and the millions more in jewellery and engagement rings worn by women across the globe. That is to say nothing of the massive quantity of diamond jewellery held in stock by wholesalers, diamond dealers and online sellers.

So, diamonds are definitely not rare! But creating the illusion of rarity allows miners, dealers and jewellers to charge much higher prices than their environmentally damaging stones are really worth.

Now, Tru-Diamonds™ offers a laboratory created alternative that is far kinder to the environment, looks so real that it even fools professional jewellers - and costs a tiny fraction of the price.

In a major international campaign to let consumers see for themselves, we're giving away a limited supply of our best selling Tru-Diamonds™ 2-carat stud earrings at the absurdly low price of just £19

The price of these earrings on our website is £129 which, in itself, is a bargain as earrings similar to these are advertised on the internet for as much as £8,713, set with mined diamonds.

Be ready for compliments and admiring glances when you wear these eye-catching studs. And, because they are sustainably made and eco-friendly, you can feel good, not guilty, when you wear them.

BUT BE WARNED: There's a huge demand for these Earrings each time we offer them and they quickly go out of stock. So DON'T DELAY - CHECK AVAILABILITY NOW!
Tru-Diamonds™ is a Trademark of Monark Global Limited,
Registered in the United Kingdom Reg. No.03977053
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